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Brand Guide


Our Heart, Message, and Visual Identity

Purpose – Our purpose is to inspire the youth and create an experience for athletes/ former athletes and upcoming entrepreneur coming from poverty. Our purpose is to lead in a positive direction. Building a strong franchise that will lead to more. Unite like-minded individusls to live a healthy lifestyle.

Vision – To have 100% ownership of our brand. Give opportunities to young kids to give them a space for them to create and stay out of trouble with photography, creative cloud, sewing, music, drawing, and more.

Brand Vision – To inspire, create, and motivate athletes and any one who wants to live a better quality life!

Mission – To create a lifestyle brand and to create art withing the sports world, and generate resources that’ll help out communities and sports across the nation. We want to spread love and positivity for the world. We want to do that by creating a positive environment and bringing people together to enjoy themselves, learn new things, and bring value.

Brand Values – Authentic, Optimistic, Talented, Grateful, Elevating Potential

Brand Personality Traits – Excitement, Persistence, Confidence,

Brand Message

Value Proposition: At AOTG, we value accessibility, innovation, customization, mental health, and brand/status. The company creates accessibility by offering a wide variety of options. It has acquired numerous footwear and aparel firms.

AOTG Story

AOTG and it’s message have changed the trajectory of the city. We have been able to impact so many young lives because me and my peers know from experience that what we stand for works. Early on in middle and high school, my peers and I made a concious decision to make positive actions to grow both ourselves and our city. Instead of partaking in negative activities, we wanted to be trailblazers. 

My friends and I had healthy outlets and activities: Fun and safe parties, paintballing through the city, basketball events, speaking to NORD, rapping, clothing, football in middle and high school, photography, graphic design, and so much more. And having those outlets is how we put ourselves Ahead Of The Game at an early age. And from our experience, we created a brand that correlated well with our lifestyle.

And that’s a mindset we carried into our aduthoods. It was that Ahead Of The Game mindset that made us want to learn about investing, stocks, wealth generation, real estate, mental health, showing love, working out, yoga, meditation, and gratitude. 

This is something we want to provide for the next generation. We want to show them something different from the “normal” we have brought them up on. We want to show them something different than everything we’re up against being from New Orleans. There are so many other healthy outlets that will help you to reach your goals in life and give yourself freedom. Life is like a game, if you want to do well, you need to stay Ahead Of The Game!